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Our highly skilled team across the U.S. is the right choice for any occasion. Each member is hand selected for their skills, passion, and customer service to make the Kiss This Makeup experience one that brings the desired results of clients for all types of occasions.


MICKI [Makeup Artist, Spray Tan Specialist, Lash Extension Artist]

Micki has been obsessed with makeup ever since she was old enough to wear it -- okay, to be honest, since she was old enough to sneak it from her mom's cabinet. As a grown up, she's evolved beyond borrowing the occasional eyeliner, and now specializes in skills like special event makeup, lash extensions, and custom spray tanning. She earned her BS from Florida Gulf Coast University, and has also earned a Fashion Makeup Artistry degree and license in skincare from Boca Beauty Academy. Micki stays current by habitually following every makeup company out there on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, familiarizing herself with new trends and tools that are coming out every day, taking continuing education classes, and attending trade shows. She creates a relaxing environment for clients, and always works hard to ensure they feel happy and beautiful.


Micki's Beauty Must-Have: A good spray tan and a fab lash curler!


JENNIFER [Esthetician, Makeup/SFX Artist, Brow and Lash Extension Artist]

For the past seven years, Jennifer has strived to consistently take on new challenges and keep up with the latest trends; she reads beauty magazines, follows beauty trends on social media, and keeps up with celebrity trends and looks. Specializing in makeup looks for all ages and skin tones, she also has special training in skincare, and has diversified her areas of expertise to include hair, eyebrow threading, and eyelash extensions. Jennifer took a nontraditional path finding her passion for beauty: immediately after graduating in Hospitality Management at FIU, she had a complete change of heart, and decided to attend the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry. Seven years after completing their production program, she's overjoyed to be doing precisely what she loves. Her favorite part of working in the beauty industry is making people feel good about themselves, and she loves making people see themselves in a new and beautiful way.


Jennifer's Beauty Must-Have: I can't go anywhere without my airbrush machine! It's the true definition of long-lasting foundation.


ISABELLA [Hair Stylist, Cut & Color Specialist]

Isabella specializes in hair color, cuts, keratin treatments, and bridal styling, and has spent the past ten years honing these skills. Hair is her passion, and it's really important to her that clients have a great experience and have fun making their dream style happen. She graduated from the cosmetology program at Palm Beach State College, and continues to take a range of classes, attend hair shows, and follow celebrity stylists to keep up with current trends. She believes in keeping current, and that you can never stop learning.


Isabella's Beauty Must-Have: Any professional conditioning masque treatments because beautiful hair starts with health! One of my favorites is phytokèratine extreme by Phyto Paris.

AMY [Makeup Artist]

After graduating from Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry, Amy has been in the field for two years, and has been the lead makeup artist and manager of a retail makeup store, as well as a freelance stylist, working with a variety of photographers on a large range of projects. Her specialty is color matching and applying false lashes. She regularly attends industry events, watches tutorials, and makes it her business to keep up on seasonal trends. Amy always ensures that her clients are super comfortable with the makeup process, and that they leave feeling beautiful.


Amy's Beauty Must-Have: It's a toss-up between chapstick and mascara!

DOROTHY [Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist]

Bridal and special event makeup are Dorothy's areas of expertise, and she is especially talented with an airbrush. She strives to give all her clients a luxurious experience that leaves them feeling glamorous and pampered. Dorothy has been perfecting her craft for more than two years, and she attended the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry, where she studied hair and makeup, focusing on bridal, runway, pin-up, and vintage looks, as well as special effects. She stays current by continuously practicing different makeup looks and techniques, as well as attending workshops and makeup shows.



Dorothy's Beauty Must-Have: Embryolisse products. Skin prep is so important to me; I feel it's a huge part of a successful and flawless makeup application.

KRISTA [Esthetician, Makeup/SFX Artist, Brow and Lash Extension Artist]

Krista attended the Makeup Designory in Los Angeles, one of the top schools in the country, where she studied bridal, high fashion, TV and film, and special effects horror makeup. She has been in beauty for seven years, and especially loves working with brides on their wedding day. Krista feels that the time leading up to the wedding is such an intimate and important moment, and she always contributes to a fun, positive atmosphere for the bridal party. Krista stays up-to-date on all the latest techniques and trends by attending master classes, makeup conventions, and following beauty gurus on social media.



Krista's Beauty Must-Have: Mascara -- lashes are a powerful thing!

REBECCA [Hair Stylist]

Rebecca has been developing her skills as a stylist for over fifteen years, and she is passionate about her craft. She especially loves the challenge of creating intricate updos, and strives to create a wonderful experience for her clients, listening carefully to their desires, and making them feel absolutely beautiful. She attended the Beauty School of America, and keeps an eye on the latest trends and techniques through diligent attention to the looks in magazines and award shows.



Rebecca's Beauty Must-Have: Tarte's Amazonian clay waterproof brow mousse


STEFANY [Hair Stylist]

Stefany loves styling hair for any occasion. While her favorite look is an updo with lots of curls, her real passion lies in doing any work that makes her clients incredibly happy. She strives to create a safe environment where clients can be honest and trust her; nothing is more satisfying to Stefany than a big smile and that "this is exactly what I wanted" reaction. She has been working in the beauty industry for over five years, and keeps up with trends by following hairstylists she admires on social media, regularly watching YouTube tutorials, and of course, working with the Kiss This Makeup team, from whom she has learned so much.


Stefany's Beauty Must-Have: I am obsessed with my everyday hair routine, starting with a Moroccan oil for shiny healthy hair, Beyond the Zone heat protection spray, and the CHI shine infusion spray for a finishing look.

GIZELLA [Makeup Artist]

For Gizella, her ideal client experience awakens the beauty within. It's not about completely  changing someone's outer appearance, but creating a moment in time when inner beauty comes out and shines through. She has been working as a makeup artist for eight years, became certified as an artist through Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry, and specializes in bridal and airbrushing. She is a manager at MAC.
A fan of YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, Gizella uses new media to keep up with trends and as a reference base for clients, to help them discover new looks.



Gizella's Beauty Must-Have: I cannot and will not live without eyebrow pencil! Eyebrows frame, shape, and can completely change someone's face.

MELISSA [Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Cuts & Color Specialist]

Melissa has been a makeup artist for six years, and has been working in hair design for four. While she regularly takes classes to keep up with the latest trends, she thinks the most important part of her continuing education comes from working with the team here at Kiss This Makeup, with whom she's regularly learning and growing as an artist. One of her biggest strengths is in her strong communication skills; Melissa prides herself on being able to translate her clients' desires into their dream looks. While it's an understatement that weddings can be pretty stressful -- they're one of the most important days in our lives -- Melissa works hard to create a calm environment that lets folks relax and feel carefree on their big day.


Melissa's Beauty Must-Have: A great BB cream, lip gloss, and mascara. Who am I kidding... my makeup bag. I can't live without my makeup bag!

CHRISTINE  [Makeup Artist]

Christine has almost a decade of experience working in TV, for special events, and preparing many brides for their special day. Christine specializes in lash application and brow shaping, which she initially learned at the comprehensive production makeup application program at Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry. She creates a relaxing, laid back environment for her clients, and keeps up with current trends and techniques by following beauty gurus she admires on social media and regularly attending continuing education classes.


Christine's Beauty Must-Have: Brow powder and highlighter.




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